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All code is supplied on an AS IS basis.

Also check my github repositories

Bevel button replacement - updated August 27, 2019

    Moved to github

Alternate menus on macOS - added Mar 19, 2019

Typed Dictionary - added Mar 13 2019

UUEncode & UUDecode - added Dec 28, 2015

CSV Parser - event based and recordset like CSV parser mechanisms Updated Apr 14, 2015

  1. -updated to remove ReadByte & use ReadUint8 instead

Plugin starter guide

Code for writing an ICO file from pure Xojo code

Getting a specific language value of a dynamic constant

GrafThing a set of classes for creating graphs with as many axis & data series as you want. Fully Customizable graph appearance. B24 - Open Sourced Updated Jan 15, 2012

Masked Edit Field for validating input. Supports multiple masks per edit field. Updated for RS 2010 R5.

Old RB DBF plugin

RB Code Generation Classes

    if you update these I’d appreciate getting any changes you make

Delegating SMTP socket

How to update a UI using threads

Updated virtual volume browser

Construct a menu from an xml file

Read only combobox

A simple LED counter

Some simple data structure examples

A module + classes for being able to localize your app while its running.

A set of classes & modules for using the zlib dynamic libraries with in RB

An update of Matt Neuberg’s REALFish (see

                     Updated and posted with permission from Matt

Steve Garman’s ValidDate

Sample how to make draggable items in a UI (updated from Joe Strout’s original)  Drag Pics

Implementations of some deprecated interfaces Deprecated Interfaces

How to use a Dialog like a function DialogAsFunction.rbp

Amar Sagoo's multi-state checkbox updated and works in RB version 2007r4

Carbon Declares Updated so you should be able to compile for Windows without issues (you SHOULD get MacOSLib) Updated Oct 27, 2007

FileTypes - includes the list I see in 5.5.5 Updated Jun 21, 2007

ROTOR - includes additional tests that have not made it into the Verex version yet Updated Jun 13, 2007

Calculator Currency Rate updaterUpdated May 8, 2007 - Grab currency rate updates from Yahoo. Here’s a small RB app to let you make your own updater.

ExchangeFiles example Updated Apr 21, 2007

SwapFiles example Updated Apr 21, 2007

Code to tell if a volume on a PC is a floppy and not a removable USB device Updated Jan 8, 2007

Some useful common controls created as containers in RB 2005 Updated Nov 26, 2006

RB code to deal with an Audio CD on OS Xv2005 and upv555 version Updated Aug 25, 2006

Turn any file, including resource forks, into a string Updated Jun 8, 2006

How to view a PDF in RB. This only works on OS X as Quicktime on Windows does not have this capability Updated Mar 26, 2006

How to use dynamic file types and a custom image subclass to hold them persistently so they don’t go out of scope Updated Jan 21, 2006

A class for retrieving the battery levels from OS X Updated Nov 18, 2005

Case sensitive dictionaryUpdated Nov 18, 2005

Visitor pattern in RB Updated Aug 25, 2005

Revamped sampler for RB 2005 Updated Aug 16, 2005

A Sparse array class based on a dictionary Updated Jul 10, 2005

Take a picture to and from a string Updated Jun 24, 2005

Thanks to Phil for some speed ups

RB 5.5 database examples Updated samples from the RB Examples to use the new RB 5.5 database Updated Apr 19, 2005

ListBox subclass that calculates its current column widths as percentages of the total width

Calendar Class for displaying calendars with varying week starts. colors, etc

An OrderedDictionary class for REALbasic 5.5

A simple project that has a module for calculating Delta Time and using delta times with dates

Styled static text item

A module for retrieving the endianess of the CPU being used

Walk Dir a class and interfaces with a sample project to show how to walk a directory hierarchy

RealBasic Hijri Calendar Class

HTMLCharConverter a class with a sample project to convert things like & (or &) into & for display in REALBasic.

A project with two methods for figuring out (in pure RB) the local day and month abbreviated names

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